Travel Sustenance

A travelling vegan must learn to depend on herself.

My staple vegan travel sustenance is about protein, handy snacks and energy boosters.

I’m heading to Sydney for a couple of days for a client, and because my schedule is not at all flexible, food is something I need to have backup plans for.

I have been in situations where I haven’t had access to any vegan food for over 24 hours. Without my staple snacks, that would have been too exhausting. When I’m working, I can’t afford to get brain drain!

These little life savers come with me always, now:

  • Vega Chocolate Coconut Protein Bars, great for decadent snacking with coffee during a break
  • Pollen Burst, which gives a much needed kick in the mid afternoon to finish each day on a high note
  • gRUNola bars that my friend Jamie makes, which do a fine job as a time-saving breakfast (he make make a website for selling these one day)

2 thoughts on “Travel Sustenance

  1. Is it possible to Cryovac nourishing vegetable soup…freeze..pack and carry..refrigerate at hotel on arrival..heat with an Immerser, (which you take away with you) and eat before you need to dine with someone, so you feel nourished. Snacks aren’t enough to sustain a busy person for a few days. Other foods could be handled the same way…risotto..some vegetables roasted or fresh..rissoles..felafel and so on….I have a Cryovac machine if you need one;))

    • Pats, hi! I didn’t realise you had one of those machines, but I guess I’m not surprised. I wonder if there’s any reason you couldn’t carry these things on the plane? I will check. Probably need to transport it in an insulated esky-style pack, to avoid condensation in my luggage. Thanks for the idea!

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