Buttery Vanilla-Scented Raw Blondies

Buttery from macadamias, vanilla-scented from vanilla pod seeds, fudgy from dates and a dash of maple syrup.

Raw Blondies Iced and Sliced

It’s not so much a sweet tooth that has me hankering for little snacks like this raw blondie, or my raw brownies. It’s the need for a little energy boost or gap filler in between meals on those days when I have run a bit harder in the morning. It’s not sugar I want, but reasonably healthy fat. These blondies deliver.

In a food processor I blend the following until something like dry-ish cookie dough forms:

100g almond meal
100g raw macadamias
100g medjool dates
50g protein powder (Vega Sport Performance Protein, in vanilla flavour)
enough maple syrup to bring it all together (about 1 or 2 tbps)

Raw Blondies Ingredients

Raw Blondies Dough in the Processor

This almost-cookie-dough is pressed into a brownie tin. It will be enough to make 8 or 9 small slices (plenty, given the energy density and the chocolate topping yet to come).

Raw Blondies Dough in the Tin

Raw Blondies Pressed in the Tin

This went straight into the fridge to chill.

Now, about that chocolate topping… My friend Minty bought me 5kg of dark chocolate for Christmas, so I chiseled off 100g and melted it with about a tablespoon of macadamia oil (to keep it somewhat soft) and then poured this over the chilled blondies.

They slice easily enough, but then I keep them in the fridge. They last for a week, easily. Probably longer. You could even freeze them, I guess.

What can I say? Just delicious!

Raw Blondies Sliced Close-up

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