Basmati Rice Pilaf

A simple, sauce-mopping, carbohydrate accompaniment to stews, casseroles and chillis, where using basmati rice keeps the GI as low as possible.


I love Damien Pignolet’s cookbook, simply titled ‘French’. He’s French-Australian, and this book is inspired by both traditions. With just a few small alterations to his recipe, this rice pilaf is vegan without any sacrifice to flavour or texture. I’ve also upped the quantity to accommodate my husband’s healthy appetite.

20ml macadamia oil (replacing 20g butter)
2 small eschalots (or 2 shallots), finely diced
1 cup basmati rice (replacing Jasmine rice)
2 cups vegetable stock, such as Massel brand (replacing chicken or fish stock)
1 dried bay leaf

Gently saute the shallots/eschalots in the macadamia oil until softened. I chose macadamia oil to replace the butter because it naturally has a very buttery flavour.


Add in the rice and stir to coat every grain in the oil. Then pour over the vegetable stock and add the bay leaf.


Bring to a simmer, clamp on a lid and reduce the heat to as low as possible. Leave for 15 minutes without removing the lid. The rice will slowly steam. After the 15 minutes, turn off the heat and leave the lid on until ready to serve.

When I am making Eggplant With Chasseur Sauce, I put the rice into the oven with the Chasseur, rather than steaming it on the stove for the 15 minutes. It saves energy, and in my opinion, improves the flavour and texture of the pilaf, making it more intense and fluffy.

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