Whipped Coconut Cream

Whipping coconut cream seems to make it taste less like coconut and more like air.

Too much coconut cream on its own can taste overwhelming to me, but whipping it like this was a revelation.

1 can coconut cream, refrigerated so the cream sets hard and liquid can be poured away.
1 tsp vanilla extract
Optional: 1-2 tsp coconut or maple syrup

Put the mixing bowl and beaters in the freezer at least a couple of hours prior to making this.

Open the can of chilled coconut cream, and carefully drain away the coconut water. I use this in a smoothie rather than waste it. Then put the firm cream into the chilled mixing bowl, and start whipping. Add the vanilla and syrup (if using) while the cream is whipping up.


It might take a couple of minutes or more to get the light airiness you prefer.


What I have found is that not all coconut cream brands will whip the same. So far, the best results in taste and fluff have come from Spiral Foods coconut cream. In general, I try to avoid brands that have emulsifiers added.


My favourite is to have this just with fresh strawberries. But I’ve also mixed up a blob of it with some toasted muesli and nuts and dried berries into a crunchy breakfast.


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