StaceyI’m Stacey, and I’ve been vegan since about 2000.

I started out as what I now call a ‘junk-food vegan’, eating too much soy and textured vegetable protein. Basically fake versions of real meat and dairy.

Now, I’m more interested in getting the nutrition I need from real food, grown without chemicals (ideally), without causing harm (realistically), and unlikely to have negative side-effects on my health.

I watched a big red kangaroo, with biceps the size of a bodybuilder, get shot in the neck and die slowly.

I watched him gasping as his blood spilled onto the dry earth near Longreach. That was my turning point. If I can’t bring myself to kill it, I won’t eat it.

Since then I’ve learned a lot more about the ethics of our food choices, but this blog is not about that. It is about food choices though – nutrient-dense and delicious ones.

In truth, I didn’t build this blog for you.

I built this blog for me. Its primary purpose is to help me make a low-carb, high-fat, nutrient-dense vegan diet an easy habit. A habit that will keep me healthy, energetic and youthful while I chase fitness, health and lifestyle goals.

It’s not really a recipe blog anyway; it’s more a food journal.

The measurements won’t be accurate. The photos won’t be sensual and glamorous. The instructions won’t be perfect. And the recipes will be totally to my own personal tastes. You’ll have to play with them to make them work your way 😉

You’re very welcome to hang out and chat. And if you get something useful from theveganpecan blog, despite all this, then that’s a bonus.


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